Ke$ha’s Comeback on Hold


(Photo by David McNew/Reuters)

Meghan Mahar

Four years ago, Kesha released her second studio album Warrior. The lead single, “Die Young” debuted at number two on the Billboard Hot 100. The album debuted at number 6 on the Billboard 200. Kesha was an international hit with a rapidly growing fan base.

After capitalizing on this success with only two years of touring, Kesha stopped releasing music.

Information only came in small pieces when it was reported that Kesha was in rehab. To those who knew Kesha for her music, this was not a surprise; her songs all contained lyrics about partying and drinking. For fans, however, the silence was alarming. They knew her as a loving, free spirit that would never abandon them.

In 2014, the silence was broken. Kesha Rose Sebert sued major Sony producer Dr. Luke, accusing him of abuse and rape. She sought to be released from her contract with the producer in order to gain back her creative freedom and record her music without fear.  

Allegations as serious as this situation always have backlash, especially when the person you’re accusing is (a) the person that helped you start your career and (b) also renowned for his work with Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj and more.  

The legal fight has been ugly for Kesha who, bound to her contract, has not been able to release new music for years. Even though Dr. Luke works for Sony, Kesha was signed directly to him; he is the only individual that can free her from the situation and her alleged abuser.  

In the midst of chaos, there is hope. Kesha’s complaints were dismissed by a judge and the appeals are in limbo, but Kesha has still been making music on her own. This  includes a project that is ready to be released as an album, as well as performing song covers on small tours. More recently,  a  single was released with Kesha’s vocals singing Zedd’s “True Colors.”

More people are learning about her situation and the pressure keeps building for Dr. Luke and his reputation in the music industry. This may lead to the circulating rumors that Kesha is finally releasing new music early next year.

Kesha tweeted on September 29, “Can’t explain how lucky I am to have so many people fighting for me. Thank you for not giving up on me,” and it is clear that she has not  lost her hope. Even though lawsuits continue to tie her down, Kesha will still wait for her time to shine once again.