Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to be U.S. president and vice president

Americans took to the polls, by mail, drop-off ballot, and in-person on Nov. 3 with a record turnout. The fight for the presidency between current President Donald J. Trump and former vice-president Joseph R. Biden has been long, and many Americans felt the need to vote this year, specifically with both parties having strong, differing opinions during this four-year period.

Counting the ballots this year was a long process, and some states still have not finished counting. Americans across the country waited as states like Nevada and Pennsylvania finished counting.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, a historic number of people voted using mail-in or absentee ballots, causing a delay in the counting of votes.
Due to a shift in some states from party to party, websites that showed the results maps had different opinions on when to call a state for a certain person. This has led to different information for sites as to whether the electoral votes can be counted or not.

According to the Washington Post’s live election map, Biden won the presidency with 279 electoral votes, compared to Trump’s 214. At this point, some states are still in play, but Trump would not be able to reach 270 even if he won the state that he is currently leading in.

Biden is currently leading in Arizona and Georgia, while Trump is leading in North Carolina and Alaska. This gives Biden the win as these are the only states left to be counted.

This win is not definitive, however, as Trump has started several lawsuits about the counting and fairness of the election. Until these lawsuits are resolved by the supreme court, there can be no definite winner. For now, Joe Biden has won the race for president and he and Kamala Harris are the new president and vice president-elect.