Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson Release Makeup Kits

Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson have recently come up with a conspiracy — the Conspiracy makeup collection, that is.

Dawson had been teasing about an upcoming documentary series with Star, which left people questioning what’s going to happen in this series this time.

The first part of the series was released on Oct. 1. If you enjoyed or got to see Dawson’s original documentary with Star, then you will enjoy watching the second series, The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star. In the first series, The Secret World of Jeffree Star, Star revealed a lot about his controversial lifestyle and the kind of life he had before stepping into the makeup industry.

The whole series has shown the entire process of Star and Dawson’s collaboration from brainstorming ideas, coming up with shade names and how the packaging will look, to the drama and controversy that has surrounded both this past year. Dawson and his good friend, Andrew Siwicki, have been shooting it for several months So far, he’s posted six parts of the series on YouTube, but there will be more episodes coming soon

In the first series, the idea was brought up when Star suggested to Dawson that they should create an eyeshadow palette that had the name of the conspiracy series Dawson is known for. Other than eye shadowing, for services such as Tatooed eyebrows, there are tons of options that can be found online.

Fast forward to the idea becoming reality,creating the Conspiracy Collection. This collection includes the 18-pan Conspiracy eyeshadow palette, nine-pan Mini Controversy eyeshadow palette along with six liquid lipsticks and one clear lip gloss. It also includes two pig-themed mirrors, two pig handbags and one Jeffree x Shane tracksuit. This collection came out Nov. 1, and since so many people wanted to get their hands on it, the website crashed and most of the products sold out. Dawson had said he was worried that the makeup wouldn’t sell, but he was wrong.

Star said they will restock the items early next year, but let’s hope they don’t sell out so quickly again. Who knows? Maybe we’ll get another Jeffree x Shane collaboration.