I Hope You Voted


Since The Charger Bulletin is a weekly newspaper as opposed to a daily
paper, it is sometimes difficult to write these articles and stay
current at the same time. I am supposed to hand in my articles to the
editors by Sunday night each week so that they can be read, proofread,
fixed for clarity, and then sent off to print so that they can be
around campus on Wednesday morning. This week is an extremely difficult
week for me because as I sit in my office at 9:30 p.m. writing this, I
am thinking about how when you get to read this the next president of
the United States will have been chosen. Across the vestibule in the
Campus Center, the USA Today and New York Times newspapers will have
front headlines on an historical election winner – unless, of course,
Florida can’t read their ballots again. Even though I am sick and tired
of hearing about Obama and McCain all over the news and during my TV
commercials, I will have to say that it has been an interesting
political battle. We will, for the first time in our history, have
either a black male as president or a female vice president to head our
country. So I would hope that you all took the time out yesterday to
cast your vote or to send in your absentee ballots. I know I sent mine
in a few weeks ago, and if your wondering who I voted for, you may just
have to hunt me down and ask me.