Hope for Costa Concordia Survivors Fading

Veronica Maciel

On January 13, 2012 the Italian cruise ship, the Costa Concordia, hit a reef and ran aground. It was carrying more than 4,200 people. Reports state that at least 13 people were found dead and possible more than 20 are still currently missing. They go on to say that future searches will be impacted by changing weather.

Not only will future searches be impacted by the weather, an environmental disaster may occur because of it as well. There is an estimated 2,700 tons of fuel in the ship that could leak from the ship’s 17 tanks into the ocean if weather conditions change too drastically.

Relatives of those who still remain missing have been gathering at Saint Stephen’s Port hoping to hear that their loved ones have been found; however, many are becoming impatient and hope is beginning to fade. According to CNN, Kevin Rebello, whose brother Russel was a member of the crew, refused to give up hope. He told reporters, “Miracles do happen, and let’s keep hope. I’m not here to lose hope.”

On the January 17, officials temporarily suspended the search for survivors because the ship shifted while rescue crews were inside. The search resumed the next day, after some tests were done to confirm it was safe for them to reenter.

Many people claim that Captain Schettino is to blame for the 12 deaths and multiple other people missing. He is currently being held under house arrest while officials search for substantial evidence that is guilty of manslaughter and abandoning ship. Currently, search crews are trying to find a way to tie the cruise ship onto the Giglio coast to keep it from shifting anymore. However, doing so may make salvaging the ship more difficult later.