Grey’s Anatomy Winter Finale Ends with Cliffhanger


Grey’s Anatomy 300th episode/Winter Finale Review

Grey’s Anatomy is one of television’s longest running drama series. On Nov. 9, Grey’s 300th episode premiered on ABC, followed by the  winter finale the week after.

Grey’s 300th episode brought fans so many different emotions from laughing to crying. Shonda Rhimes and her co-writers wanted the symbolic episode to go back to the beginning. Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital had an incoming trauma that involves three surgical interns that get into a roller coaster accident. These three interns remind everyone at Grey-Sloan of Izzie Stevens, Christina Yang, and George O’Malley, the original interns who started in Season One with Meredith and Alex. Meredith and Alex work to save these three interns as if they were truly their friends from the past. At the end of the episode, Meredith Grey wins her Harper Avery. When she looks at the gallery, she imagines her mom, the famous Ellis Grey, looking down on her clapping for all she has accomplished.

The winter finale involves an incident in which a hacker breaks into Grey-Sloan’s database and demands $25 million dollars or the hacker will delete patient’s’ files, lock them out of medicine rooms, and control everything that happens in the hospital. Dr. Bailey and the FBI work as fast as they can to find the identity of  the hacker, but Dr. Karev’s patient is in desperate need of medicine. They can’t give him anything without knowing what a nurse gave him in the morning, but they don’t have access to the database.

The show ends with a cliffhanger. The viewer is left  with questions, but must wait until January for the answers.  For Grey’s fans, that’s a very long wait.