Greek Week Unites Greek Community

The All Greek Council hosted their annual Greek Week from the week of March 26 in the Bartels Dining Hall and Bucknall Theater. Greek week consisted of different events and competitions Greek organizations on campus participate in.

Every year there is a different theme for Greek Week and this year’s was Olympiad. The Greek Week chairman, Brandon Miller, chooses the theme and creates the week of events around what he think will work with the theme.

“I choose Greek Olympiad because I believed it would be an easy theme for members of the Greek Community to get behind and would be cool to incorporate into team names and such,” said Miller.

Each night consisted of different events. The first night was a team competition where each team had to work together to win multiple smaller events.  The following night consisted of a Greek give back night and instead of teams competing for points, they put together different projects to give back to the West Haven community.

Some of these projects consisted of making t-shirt dog toys and making cards for the Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital. The give back night also included the Greek organization teams putting together backpacks filled with supplies for the homeless. These supplies include soap, shampoo, toothbrushes, hairbrushes, toothpaste, ponchos, granola bars, socks, and feminine hygiene products. Teams also collected W.H.E.A.T. donations at another station. Lastly, they collected supplies for the New Reach Women’s Shelter. Items collected included hand soap, sponges, baby wipes, shower curtains, and toothpaste.

“I love the Greek give back night,” said Kelly Keene, executive assistant/secretary for the All Greek Council. “I think it is a great idea to incorporate community service into one of the events during Greek week, because community service is something that all Greek organizations partake in.”

The third night was a Minute to Win It competition, similar to the television show, where teams competed in  60 second challenges, which increased in difficulty as the game progressed. One of these games was the ‘Cookie Monster’ where contestants put a cookie on their forehead and had to get it into their mouth without using their hands.

On the final day, there was a Greek performance where the teams created a dance and get critiqued by four different judges.

“My favorite part of Greek Week is the Greek performance,” said Nicole Ritsick, Public Relations Chairman for the All Greek Council. “It’s really fun to just joke around and make a really funny dance with everyone on your team.”

Greek Week has taken on importance in the Greek community,  with even those not participating in the events still attending to cheer on their fellow Greeks.

It is something that the Greek student body looks forward to throughout the entire year and it means a lot to them.

“To me, Greek Week means two words, Greek Unity,” said Meghan Mammola, President of the All Greek council. “The goal of Greek Week is to create long-lasting relationships between organizations and individuals. We get to come together as one for a week and put all the stress aside and have fun.”