Giants Release Star Wide Receiver Burress

The Charger Bulletin

The New York Giants released star wide receiver Plaxico Burress on Friday, April 3.  The troubled Giant was involved in an incident where he accidently shot himself in the leg in a New York night club late last year. Burress was suspended for the remainder of the season by the Giants and people questioned whether Plaxico would ever wear a Giants jersey again.

This question was answered when the Giants finally went their separate ways with Burress last week, leaving much question as to what the G-Men will do next in terms of the wide-receiver position.
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When asked about the situation, Giants general manager Jerry Reese said, “I’m an optimist, and I believe most situations can be worked out. We hung in there as long as we could in hopes that there could be a resolution to this situation other than the decision we made today to release Plaxico. It wasn’t to be, so now we have to move on. Like everybody else here, we want nothing but the best for Plaxico, and we are appreciative of the contributions he made to this franchise.”

Despite all the troubles that have plagued Burress, he will always be remembered as one of the heroes of Super Bowl XLII. Burress caught the game-winning touchdown pass that lead the Giants to a stunning upset of the New England Patriots. 

The decision to release Burress brings up many questions as to what the Giants will do in terms of the draft, which is coming up in later in the month. The Giants may very well go for a big-threat receiver to help replace the loss of Burress. The Giants have also been in talks with the Browns about a possible trade that would involve bringing over Braylon Edwards.

When asked to comment, Giants coach Tom Coughlin said, “Plaxico’s contribution to our championship season in 2007 can never be underestimated or undervalued. He displayed tremendous determination throughout that season. Having said that, I have always been as concerned about Plaxico as a man as I have been about him as a player, and my hope is that everything that has happened over the past several months represents a turning point.”

The 31-year-old star faces possible NFL sanctions for violating its personal conduct policy. Burress also faces felony weapons charge that could put him in prison for at least three and a half years if convicted. Burress is due back in court on June 15.