Fully Charged Hosts 4 A Cappella Groups at Spring Invitational


The second annual Fully Charged Spring Invitational featured groups from Yale University, Quinnipiac University, University of Connecticut and the University of New Haven. The concert was held Saturday (April 1) night in Bucknall Theater.

“I like working with the other groups and hope to continue that and do it again next year,” said Fully Charged President, Glenn Rohrbacker.

This event was put on last year because Fully Charged wanted to expand and work with other groups in the area. Last year there were only a few groups, but Fully Charged had a lot of fun so they decided to do it again this year. However, this year they wanted to make it bigger and better and they were able to get more groups and draw a bigger audience. Fully Charged was
happy about how the second annual invitational turned out.

“Having all the different groups come to our campus was a wonderful opportunity. All the students are so talented and live music is always something amazing I strive to see when the opportunity arises,” said University student Taylor Burke.

The first performance was by the Rolling Tones from the University of Connecticut. This was their second time performing at the invitational. They thanked Fully Charged for having them and expressed their excitement for being able to perform – they sang a total of three songs.

The Quinnipiac Legends performed second and sang four songs, including “A Million Reasons” and “Chandelier” – they also thanked Fully Charged for having them.
The third group to perform was the University of New Haven’s own, Fully Charged. They performed a total of three songs, one of which was a boy band medley, which featured songs from *NSYNC. Their performance earned a huge applause from the audience.

“I was really happy with the way everything turned out and it’s so nice being a part of something bigger than myself. This was probably one of our best performances, and I am really proud of everyone,” said Fully Charged member, Rebecca Wallace.

The fourth group to perform, Conn-Men, an acapella group consisting of all men, was also from the University of Connecticut. They performed a total of four songs, the last being a rap mashup between, “No Diggity” and “Dance Ass,” also earning a huge round of applause. They thanked Fully Charged for having them and encouraged the audience to follow them on Instagram and Facebook. Their Instagram is @uconnconnmen and their Facebook is Conn-Men.

The final group to perform was Yale University’s, Out of the Blue. They performed, “Chasing Twisters” and “Take Me to Church.” The audience erupted with applause at the end of their performance. They thanked Fully Charged and the University for having them, and mentioned how they truly enjoyed it. They told everyone about their album, coming out soon, and encouraged everyone to follow them on Facebook, at Out of the Blue.

The audience reacted well to all groups, making the night a success all around.

“This was my first time seeing acapella and it was amazing,” said Melia Oldman.