Froyo on Campus

Michelle R Morra

Friday night was packed full of events that students were having a fun time at, but the line that formed on the Mezzanine level of the Bartels Café was ridiculous.  The line was full of excited people on Friday, December 2 to Tie Dye their own shirts and get some Froyo!  You heard right, Froyo: the healthy alternative to ice cream.

The night started off pretty quiet as students filed in and started making their own Tie Dye T-shirts.  Each student had the opportunity to create their own shirt and make it special to fit their personality.  After picking their shirt sizes, students then twisted and turned their shirt in numerous directions to create different designs to make each shirt one of a kind.  Then they each picked their colors and there were some tough choices.  There were a total of eight colors to choose from: red, orange, yellow, pink, green, teal, blue, and purple.  Because there were so many colors, some students couldn’t just pick one, so many walked out of the event with two, three, and sometimes five colors.  The shirts were amazing and each one was unique.

But to be honest, as much as the shirts were awesome and students enjoyed making them, the real reason students came was for the Froyo.  Everyone was very excited as they waited in line to get a delicious snack.  There were four flavors: vanilla, chocolate, vanilla and chocolate swirl, and vanilla and chocolate mix.  And then there were the toppings: twelve different kinds that included strawberries, mangos, Reese’s, Butterfinger, M & M’s, smores, Gummy Bears, and so much more.  It was fantastic how much students enjoyed this healthy alternative to ice cream.

It was a great event even though it was a simple one; it was a nice relaxing event after Thanksgiving break.