From LA to New York, LANY Goes on Tour


Indie electro-pop three piece LANY (pronounced “lay-knee”) has been taking on the world. The trio consists of Paul Jason Klein on keyboard, guitar, and lead vocals, Jake Clifford Goss percussionist on drums and sampling pads, and Les Priest, supplying backup vocals and playing both the keyboard and guitar.

Since the band’s inception, LANY has released eight singles and four EPs and, on June 30, will be releasing their debut self-titled album LANY. They just finished a short tour as the opener for John Mayer on “The Search for Everything Tour.” Prior to these tours, LANY has opened for artists including Ellie Goulding, Troye Sivan, X Ambassadors, and Halsey. They are currently on their own headlining tour with 20 shows in the United States.

Album Cover
Album art for “LANY”

LANY prides themselves on the ambiguity of their genre. “I think indie has a sound to it in the sense of like, you know what you’re listening to wasn’t written by a radio commercial songwriter,” Klein explains, “and produced by a commercial radio producer… That kind of just feeds into the whole idea that what I’m hearing from these guys is from these guys.”

Klein continues to explain their craft saying,

“I feel like when people want to criticize LANY, you know, poke holes in what we do, they talk about how ‘young’ our lyrics seem — but it’s not young at all, it’s just not hidden by poetic bulls**t… There’s a lot of bands out there that attach meaning to their lyrics after they write them, which I think is bulls**t. I add meaning to them as I write them. I shoot straight from the hip and just say it how it is.”

The tracks available from LANY so far are a testament to this lyrical honesty. One of their most popular tracks “ILYSB” has nearly 1.5 million views on YouTube/Vevo. The lyrics, paired with a dreamy melody and beat pairing, are a perfect example of what LANY fans love about the band.

LANY's Official VEVO Channel

“And you need to know
That nobody could take your place, your place
And you need to know
That I’m hella obsessed with your face, your face”

The rest of the album sounds equally promising. Klein describes the album tracks as “pretty heartbreaking… but they feel pretty hopeful.” Songs he recommends include “Tampa” and his favorite track “13.”

Madeline Rath, LANY fan from California, saw them at their show in Santa Ana and heard performances from the upcoming album.

“LANY shows are full of dancing and singing your heart out with other fans,” said Rath, “and I think even if you don’t know the words to all of their songs, you can still have ana amazing time at a show because it’s just that good.”

LANY will be performing at College Street Music Hall on May 13, supported by Goody Grace.


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