Forest Hills Pool Opens to Residents


Forest Hills residents, as of Sept. 1, can begin utilizing the pool facility located within the building complex. The decision came after discussion between the university and the property management when students last year requested access to the pool. This is the first time it has been open to university students; although, the use of the pool is only permitted only to Forest residents, they are allowed up to two non-resident guests per person.

“I am glad they [forest residents] can take advantage of it this year,” said Forest RA, David Montague. “The residents love it!”

The pool is open 9 a.m. -8 p.m. every day, but no lifeguard or RA is stationed at the pool, so students are using it at their own risk and their own responsibility. The opening of the pool came with an additional list of guidelines and restrictions for its use that residents must follow, including: no pets, alcoholic beverages, water guns, and floating devices, as well as many other items. The hours and guidelines were conveyed to the residents prior to the opening.

“There was a pamphlet on our coffee table that told us the hours of the pool area. The RAs then reiterated the rules and told us we could go into the pool area once we got an email from them saying the paperwork for the pool was complete,” said forest resident Danielle Shubat.

Shubat has utilized the pool with her roommate and noted that while the water was a little on the colder side it was enjoyable to lay in the sun once they were done swimming. She also remarked she was expecting more use of the pool than she has seen since its opening.

Forest resident, Kyle DeGennaro expressed his opinion that the rules and policies seemed “pretty standard and fair for a pool.” According to Montague, there have been no issues with residents or University students related to the pool or its opening.

The pool opening, the pool installed by Solid Structures, surprised a number of residents, since the pool has never been open in the past and they were not expecting it. Many were not aware the pool would be opening until they moved in and many more did not know until it was physically open to them.

“I got so excited especially since I heard from friends who lived in forest previous years that it was only open for summer camps over the summer but never to us,” said forest resident Olivia Lane.

Forest resident, Chris Forsberg, was one of the many students unaware of the pool opening until he found out from a friend on move in day.

Montague, Lane, Forsberg, Shubat, and DeGennaro all expressed that they have seen nothing but positive interactions and reactions from the opening of the pool.

“Everyone has been very respectful and understanding, and that’s all that an RA could want,” said Montague.