Five Shows to Bingewatch During Midterm Season

Maria Vlahos

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Midterm season is upon us, and we all know what that means: time to figure out how to study and procrastinate at the same time (and by that, we all know that you’re just going to end up procrastinating instead). Netflix is the ultimate procrastination temptation for every college student. It is only one click away and, with so much variety, it’s impossible not to find anything that will pique your interest. We tend to want to watch Netflix when we are under situations of extreme stress, which means midterm and finals seasons are ample time to find something new to watch.

1. Bob’s Burgers
If there is one show that I tell all my friends to watch on Netflix, it’s Bob’s Burgers. The show follows Bob, his wife Linda, and their three kids Tina, Gene, and Louise and their life and adventures with the family restaurant. Bob’s Burgers follows the dysfunctional family dealing with the neighborhood and rival businesses, pranking the family and friends, trying to better themselves and have it go horribly wrong, all while trying to run the family business to make ends meet without having it all blow up in their face. I love everything about this show and the characters are honestly my favorite part. They are so strong and they each bring something new to the table in a way that keeps the show fresh and entertaining. The minor recurring characters are just as strong as the main cast, and I find myself eagerly waiting the next time one of them comes on because their humor adds so much to the episode.

2. The Office
This show is honestly a classic, and I will seriously cry if Netflix tries to take it off of instant streaming. It follows the day to day lives of the people working in the Scranton office of the Dunder Mifflin Paper company, and the complete and total nonsense that occurs when the boss likes to think they know what he or she is doing and tries to play cool while doing so. With iconic characters like Michael Scott, Dwight Schrute, Jim Halpert and Pam Beesley, there is a lot in this show and it is very hard to find something to not like about it. The on-going prank war between Jim and Dwight keeps the show really funny and Michael’s crazy leadership antics keep you laughing until you cant breathe because you truly can’t believe that this man is in charge and supposed to be running the place. Overall, if you’re looking for a great comedy, this show has it all.
3. New Girl
This is a show that I was honestly surprised to enjoy as much as I do. It opens with the main character Jessica Day moving into a loft apartment with three other men, that she doesn’t know, after a bad breakup. The group becomes friends after learning how to live with each other and learning each other’s quirks. They all come from different perspectives and all do different jobs and enjoy very different things in life and yet, they have one of the closest-knit groups that you’ll see on television. Some notable characters in New Girl are Jess (the main female character), Schmidt, a loveable playboy/jerk who has some amazing moments, Cece, Jess’ best friend who Schmidt has a huge crush on, and Nick, who seems to have nothing going on in his life, but he is the one man on this show who is a very sincere person and genuinely tries his best to help Jess and the rest of the guys out. Overall, this show makes me wish to have a group of friends like Schmidt, Nick, Coach, Winston, and Cece in my life.

4. Jessica Jones
If comedies are not your thing and you prefer a more dramatic television show with a badass female lead, Jessica Jones is the show for you. Jessica Jones is a Marvel and Netflix original series and much like Daredevil, it doesn’t disappoint. The show follows Jessica Jones, a private investigator in New York City who is really motivated to do her work. It is slowly revealed that Jessica has some demons from her past that slowly start to creep into her day-to-day life. Especially when she gets the case that begins the main plot line. The case that Jessica gets from concerned parents is all to familiar to what happened to her in the past, which makes her extremely worried for the life of the girl at hand. The reveal of the main villain, Kilgrave is slow, but very well built up. The main plot line and all the subplots of the show are so good and flow together so nicely that I seriously can’t wait for season two.

5. Parks and Recreation
Okay, so I know that a lot of people have watched this show, but it truly holds a special place in my heart. I love everything about this show. All the characters, all their experiences, every single thing that happens to them. This is one of those shows that make you feel a lot of things all at once. You’re happy and laughing at one moment and then trying to hold back tears the next. The romantic and platonic love stories in this show are some of the best written on television, and it makes the show so much better. The story between Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt is everyone’s relationship goals and the friendship that Leslie and Anne share are equally the same level as friendship goals as Tom and Donna’s friendship. If you ask me, my favorite people on the show are Andy and April mostly because they are so different from each other that they are perfect for each other in every way shape and form. So please, “treat yo self” and watch this show because it is extremely worth it.

So if you need any new things to watch on Netflix in the next few weeks, I highly recommend these five shows. Good luck on your midterms! Happy binge watching!

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Five Shows to Bingewatch During Midterm Season