Finally Revealed

Michelle R Morra

ABC Family’s original series Pretty Little Liars’ season finale was full of surprises and drama that kept viewers on the edge of their seats throughout the entire episode.  If you are a true Pretty Little Liars fan, than this season finale was just what you’ve been waiting and watching for two seasons.

For two seasons viewers have been watching the four friends, Aria, Spencer, Hannah, and Emily, get messages, threats, dares, and more from hidden stalker, simply named A.  The person who had stalked, threatened, dared, and murdered their friend Allison, has been playing with the close knit friends as if they were the new toy on the market.  But as the four friends were being played with, they were also trying to find any clues to figure out who A was and why he/she would have killed their friend.  A great story on how the hunted could become the hunters.

And finally last Monday, the hunted got a great lead and the friends got the first step in becoming the hunters.  Aria, Spencer, Hannah, and Emily had finally found enough clues and asked enough questions to figure out where A was hiding, and they finally found, as they called it, A’s lair which led to the reveal of the person viewers had been wanting to see for two seasons.  Aria, Hannah, and Emily hung around at a school party waiting to hand over A’s cellphone, while Spencer went to check out A’s lair with the other person haunted by A. But she wasn’t what Spencer expected.  The four girls had gotten to close A, and the person who Spencer thought was on their side was the very person who had been stalking them this whole time.

But like the four friends have always done, they were there for each other.  As any ABC Family show, at the very end, viewers were left some cliff hangers to bring everyone back for season three.  But Pretty Little Liars fans have to wait to find out.