Fall TV Line-Up: Heroes Make the Amazing Race to the Office with Glee

Dave Mckinney

It’s starting to become the most wonderful time of the year! The kids have all gone back to school, the leafs are starting to change, you won’t find yourself sticking to your seat because it’s so damn hot out, and – most importantly – it’s the start of a new TV season! Summer has come and gone, so it’s time to start anew with a batch of new and returning shows.

Cast of the hit TV show Heroes
Cast of the hit TV show Heroes

For returning shows this season we will have no shortcomings trying to find our favorites (unless you like 24, because then you have to wait until winter). Season 6 of The Office is back on the air on Sept. 17 at 9pm. There are so many questions that are to be answered this fall! Will Michael and Holly finally get together again? Will Andy make a move on Erin? One thing is for sure: Jim and Pam will be finally tying the knot after 6 grueling seasons of us waiting for it.

If The Office isn’t your thing, don’t fret because Season 4 of Heroes is due back as well. The dramatic flair of the good people from NBC bring back this superhero-like show on Sept. 21, with a two-hour season premiere.

Other returning shows coming back to the airwaves include:

The Amazing Race- September 27th
Family Guy – Sept. 27
The Simpsons– Sept. 27
Survivor: Samoa- Sept. 17

Amongst all of these returning shows, a new show is coming through. In an age where high school music (sadly) reigns supreme, it’s time for a show that has a perfect blend of musical theatre  and adult comedy. Glee swept audiences off their feet when the pilot aired last spring, and it has been hard to wait for the season to return on Sept. 9th on Fox; the show will broadcast at 9pm. Read more about Glee on page 8!

Some may get excited for football season, no one is excited for flu season, but it is safe to say you should be getting excited for the fall TV season.