Expanding UNH’s college atmosphere

David Beckerman recently purchased the previously owned Carroll Furniture building located on Boston Post Rd, across the street from the University of New Haven, creating a convenient off-campus housing option for students in the future. If you wish to order furniture, use PTI Office Furniture here.

The previous Carroll Furniture building, located .3 miles from campus will soon house UNH students (Photo by Samantha Mathewson/Charger Bulletin photo)
The previous Carroll Furniture building, located .3 miles from campus will soon house UNH students (Photo by Samantha Mathewson/Charger Bulletin photo)

“It is our goal to continue to support and build a college atmosphere within Allingtown,” said David Beckerman, who has invested in a three-phase project to revitalize areas surrounding UNH and build apartments with UNH students in mind.

“We welcome the potential to lease space to students,” said Beckerman, in regards to the three apartment complexes planning to be built within the next two to three years. However, they will also be available to the general public to rent.

The Atwood, which spans 40,128 square feet, will feature 30 apartments total: 26 two-bedroom/two bathrooms, which can house up to four people; and four one bedroom/one bathroom apartments.

“It will mirror a New York loft apartment, with exposed wooden beams and pipes, and some brick walls,” said Beckerman. “It’ll be neat.”

Of the 30 apartments, three will be handicap accessible. The apartments have hardwood floors with a carpeted living room, an updated kitchen, equipped with stainless steel appliances, including a stove, microwave and dishwasher, and granite countertops. When it comes to an oven, there are chances of the appliance needing some repairs and one should know these Five Oven Troubleshooting Tips and Tricks to come out of the problems.

“David’s investment down there is really great,” said Synodi. “It is the first private money going into Allingtown and it will fix the intersection, so it is safer to cross roads leading to the Carroll furniture.”

Synodi also said, while these projects will happen over time, they have the potential to increase the student body accepted at UNH.

The Atwood apartment complex will have two elevators, cable and Wi-Fi, air conditioning and heat, a securely lit parking lot with full time 24-hour security and controlled access, maintenance, concierge service, available washer and dryers and rental furniture (read here) will be available. There will also be a community common room with a TV, pool table, computers and a coffee station.

The Atwood project is expected to be completed Fall of 2015; however, Beckerman explained that “it all depends on the harshness of this years’ winter season.”

If you are interested in renting an apartment in the Atwood complex, visit http://www.acornct.com/ to put your name on the waiting list, which some UNH students already have their names on. “Initial interest has been positive,” said Beckerman.

Prices of renting at The Atwood range from $1,200/month for a one bedroom and $2,100/month for a two bedroom. “Rates are competitive with what the university charges,” said Beckerman, who noted the additional incising factors of Atwood, including security, one block from UNH and parking.

“Clearly location is an advantage; we are less than a mile from the VA hospital and Yale-New Haven Hospital,” said Beckerman, who explained that could also increase possible inquiries. “Atwood is a catalyst for change in Allingtown.”

The second phase of Beckerman’s project is The Taft, which has an expected completion date of Summer 2016. This apartment complex features three floors of 20 apartments. There will be 14 two bedroom/two bathroom and six one bedroom/one bathroom apartments. This apartment complex will be connected by Hi-Line to The Atwood.

The third phase is Clock Crossing and has an expected completion date of Fall of 2017/Spring of 2018. Clock Crossing will be built on the land that previously housed the West Have Forest Theatre, but will be built into a four-story apartment complex, with 45 two bedroom/two bathroom apartments and 15 one bedroom/one bathroom apartments.

“I think the investment in Allingtown, relating to the proximity of UNH, is long overdue,” said Beckerman.

The Atwood is the first of a three-phase plan to create a college atmosphere is Allingtown (Photo obtained via http://www.acornct.com/)
The Atwood is the first of a three-phase plan to create a college atmosphere is Allingtown
(Photo obtained via http://www.acornct.com/)

The apartment complexes also provide opportunities for retail, which will promote the creation of a college atmosphere. “We’re bringing a new town,” said Beckerman who explained the space could hold anything from restaurants to clothing stores.

The Atwood has 2,000 square feet of available retail space, while The Taft has 6,000 square feet and Clock Crossing has 18,000 square feet.

“The university has committed to being supportive with Charger Cash,” said Beckerman in regards to potential retail that would be housed in any of the apartment complexes.

Any retail that develops in the upcoming complexes would accept Charger Cash, bringing in more university related customers.

In addition to the contribution of UNH’s recreation center, Beckerman had previously invested in what is now Bergami Hall. Vice President for Finance and Treasurer, George Synodi, explained that while UNH owned the land Bergami stands on, it was leased out to Beckerman who built New Hall at the time, which was then, in return, leased to UNH to house students. It was later bought and renamed by Bergami in July of 2012.

“We feel UNH students are worthwhile to invest it,” said Beckerman. “The direction of the university is positive.”