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Erica Naugle

G’day Chargers!

Erica holding an alligator (Photo provided by Erica Naugle)
Erica holding an alligator (Photo provided by Erica Naugle)

It’s been awhile since our last talk, my apologies for that! Midterms were crazy and I was lucky enough to have all of mine fall in the short span of two days, not to mention a big project to be handed in as well. I spent so much time under a pile of books that I can safely assure you that you did not miss anything exciting.

This week is looking much less bleak, however. One of my Aussie friends turned 18 this weekend, and if you don’t know already, 18 is the legal age here (Australian 18= American 21). In light of this, we had her out to a beautiful beachside dinner followed by a night to town.

The ICC is also this weekend, which is an Inter-College Competition for the arts. All the separate colleges prepare acts for each of the categories and compete against one another. There are different categories such as dance, instrumental, and musical theater. Yours truly will be performing in a choir for the George Roberts College. *fingers crossed*

In other news, the count down is on and my trip to Caines is in just over a week!

Aussie Slang of the Week:
Uni- University
College- dormitories (ie.  You attend uni- you live in college)
Jumper- hoodie
Joggers- sneakers

Until next week,