Equinox Diner Gives to the Community

Erin Ennis

On Friday, Sept. 25, the Equinox Diner in Orange sponsored their first Equinox celebration. The diner was unusually peppy and exciting as you walked in the front door. Guests were greeted with balloons, a cotton candy machine, and flowing bottles of champagne.

For those who have never been to the Equinox Diner on Boston Post Road, the small diner is a large step up for traditional dining in the area. Serving high quality food at a diner price, the restaurant serves as a perfect introduction to the “diner” atmosphere. From the traditional eggs and bacon breakfasts to brie and turkey lunches, to seafood stuffed dinners with drinks, the Equinox Diner provides great service and platters to its customers.

On this particular Friday, The Equinox was celebrating the cause of its creation: the fall equinox on Sept. 22. The Equinox, which marks the changing of seasons, was also the day the owner was married and the name which inspired the restaurant. For all the diners that came in on Friday, the owner of the Equinox offered a unique gift: a gift card equal to the amount spent for their meals. They also offered free champagne, lots of cotton candy for anyone under 21, and a promise that proceeds would be donated to Big Brothers Big Sisters.

If you missed out on the celebration: don’t fret! While you missed a really great opportunity for some essentially “free” dining, make sure to check out the Diner next time you’re craving a late night snack! The Equinox is open late just for us college students and provides a never ending menu of delicious breakfast foods. Plus, bring your University of New Haven ID: with it, you are guaranteed ten percent off! Make the Equinox your go-to place for great food, great times, and great events!