Echosmith’s “Dreamy” Debut Album: Talking Dreams

Ashley Winward

For many new bands, a grueling summer festival like Warped Tour can make or break a band. You might win a Battle of the Bands, get a small stage at your local tour date, but very few can say that they turned a few guaranteed weeks on the tour into an entire summer due to crowd demand.

Photo Provided by AP
Photo Provided by AP

Echosmith is a family band hailing from Southern California comprised of siblings Graham, Sydney, Noah, and Jaime all ranging in ages from 14 to 20. They’ve brought their fresh new indie pop attitude across the country and finally have their first debut album hitting shelves this week. Talking Dreams is a perfect mix for all you “Swifties,” dreamers and hopeless romantics, with boasting danceable pop hits with sweet ballads that will be stuck in your head for days; trust me, I know from experience!I feel like the biggest thing that these guys have going for them is the perfect blend of everything that the music industry loves right now. Songs like “Come Together,” and “Let’s Love,” are very up-tempo and exciting. “Cool Kids,” reminds me of a high-school targeted Lana Del Ray track and “Bright,” sounds like a Taylor Swift B-side track.

Echosmith’s music is super relatable, mostly on the topic of romance and young love that most can either understand or connect with. Their ability to shift from pop, to indie, to country, to rock is so smooth and effortless. It’s also impressive that a young family band can sound so mature and musically tight.

Having such an established vibe will be nothing but good for them as they make their way through the music scene. There is almost no way for Talking Dreams to leave you anything but smiling because it’s such feel good music! My top tracks include, “Ran Off In The Night,” “The Safest Place,” and my favorite song off the whole album, “Bright.”

As a Warped Tour regular, I was a little surprised when I heard of their popularity on the tour, but now that I’ve listened to them I can truly understand. Since the tour they’ve opened for good friends, The Summer Set, at a free California concert on the City Walk and are gearing up to tour with Tonight Alive this fall. Check out Echosmith, they’re really going to be a band to watch this next year!