Delta Chi Returns to Campus

Riley Knebes

On Friday Feb. 12, Delta Chi was reinstated as a Recognized Student Organization on The University of New Haven’s campus.

It was the decision of the President and Vice President of the University, after conversing with the Director and Assistant Director of Student Activities, to reinstate Delta Chi this semester.

As part of the reinstatement process, full operations of the fraternity will not be allowed until officers of the fraternity have been selected. Another step in the process is for the members to form an Alumni Board to oversee the chapter. On top of that, Delta Chi Headquarters staff is required to visit campus in order to serve as a governing body and to reteach the core values of the fraternity.

Because Greek rush week has passed, Delta Chi will not be allowed to recruit new members until the Fall of 2016, which will give the current members a chance to focus and reorganize in preparation for the next recruiting class and to begin the process of recolonizing.

Once they fulfill the initial requirements, the remaining Delta Chi members will be focusing on gaining full status, running minor events, holding meetings, and getting everyone back on the same page during this semester.

Since Delta Chi’s suspension in Fall 2014, a large portion of its members have graduated. The remaining members will be a part of starting over on UNH’s campus.

Nick Spiegler, recently elected President of Delta Chi, said his goals will be to “get the chapter back into operations and get all that up and running, improve relations with other Greek organizations, and then the third thing would be just to improve how the rest of the student body looks at us, because a lot of the freshmen don’t even know who we are.” Spiegler was initiated into the class of Spring 2014.

Greg Overend, Director of Student Activities, will serve as Delta Chi’s advisor through the remainder of the semester until they can find a new one who meets the University’s requirements.

“The rest of the semester is for those guys to refocus on what it means to be a brother of Delta Chi, how to follow rules, how to build themselves up, and how to relearn the values of Delta Chi,” Overend said.

Until then, Delta Chi cannot hold events, participate in Greek Week, or have a new member class.

“We want all organizations to be strong, to represent UNH in a positive way,” said Rebecca Johnson, Dean of Students. The goal for the remainder of the semester is to get Delta Chi back on their feet and ready for the next upcoming recruitment class.