Delicious Delicacies: Cake Pops!

Laura Pisano

What it is: A petite treat perfect as party favors or just for snacking on!

Cake Pops - photograph by Kim Harman

What You Need:

-Pre-made cake (any kind)

-About ¾ cup of either

icing, cream cheese, or buttercream

-3 ½ cups of chocolate to melt

-Lollipop sticks or

popsicle sticks

What to Do:

1)After you baked your cake, make sure it cools completely

2)Crumble up the cake completely and add in the icing, cream, or buttercream; Mix until a moist cake mixture if formed

3)Form cake balls using your hands, or use cookie cutters to make any shape you want

4)Place cake balls on a pan, and place in freezer for 30- 45 minutes

5)Melt down your chocolate, and have another pan ready for the dipped pops

6)Take out your cake balls out of the freezer

7)Put a stick into a cake ball and dip into the melted chocolate. Place on to the second pan (for shapes, have Styrofoam to stick the pops in upright)

8)Continue dipping until all are done (you may need to re-freeze cake balls if they become too soft)

9)Let the chocolate harden around the cake

10)Eat and Enjoy!

Food Critic’s Review:

When I was able to try these treats, they were in the shape of hearts for Valentine’s Day. The two types of cakes that were used were regular vanilla cake and red velvet. When you take a bite into this mini cake, it’s fantastic. The chocolate on the outside and the soft, creamy cake on the inside, make for a sweet combination of deliciousness. They are bite size, fun to eat, and a perfect treat for parties or for just a regular Tuesday afternoon.