Day 7/14: The shouting silences

The seventh day marks the halfway point of this journey. It is tough to believe that it has already been a week since I shut my door to everyone on the outside, but here we are.

What has begun to stand out to me is the heft of silence. When all you are really surrounded by is silence, it takes on a heavier feel that encompasses the area throughout an empty house.

I’ve found myself playing some kind of noise in the background to fill this void, whether it be a video or music. In some kind of way, it feels as those this noise can replace the empty spaces that have been left by being locked away.

The silence is something that has interested me throughout this quarantine. I believe that humans as a species are predicated on our relationship with sounds; we are not destined to be silent creatures. When left to our own accord in silence, we will find some way to create noise.

We take this for granted when we are in our typical lives; the sounds of human interaction are distinctly appealing to us, giving a sense of security. Whenever I hear people walk by on the street outside my window, there is a natural inclination to look out and see what is going on. Being in the absence of friendly faces around the house only amplifies this further.

For someone that is alone, music is the medium that most replaces this. The music feels as though it takes on a different persona in this setting, encompassing a certain mood in an even stronger way.

Beyond becoming a philosophical thinker comparable to the likes of Socrates and Descartes, the day is pretty boring. It is getting harder to take note of symptoms that I have as they seem mainly nonexistent. There are moments where they become more noticeable, but then there are times that I am able to bounce right up and feel nearly normal.

Yet another day has gone by just as quickly as it came. The speed at which the days go by is so backward to me, seeming like they simply fly by. Here’s to hoping the second half comes and goes just as quickly.