Maintaining Halloween spirit on campus

Halloween during a pandemic may be different, but it is not canceled. At least, not completely.

University of New Haven faculty and student leaders are doing all that they can to host Halloween programs that follow university and Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) COVID-19 guidelines.

“If students go out to interact with others, we ask that they limit their interactions to those in their family units. Numerous offices across campus will be offering activities to ensure that students are able to safely enjoy Halloween,” said a statement from the division of student affairs.

One Halloween program that students can look forward to is a Halloween treasure hunt hosted by the honors student council (HSC) and Asian American student council. The treasure hunt will be in the Maxcy Quad on Fri. Oct. 30 at 6 pm.

Hannah Providence, Charger Bulletin advertising manager and HSC president, said that the Halloween treasure hunt was created with COVID-19 regulations in mind.

“In order to qualify for prizes in the hunt, all the photos must be taken with masks on and everyone in the photo must be 6 feet apart,” Providence said.

“HSC encourages our students to get creative in a way that celebrates Halloween this year, only gather in small groups and find events on campus if they are resident students,” she said.

On Oct. 21, the Caribbean Student Association is hosting a pumpkin decorating event at 6 pm at the Myatt Center for Diversity and Inclusion and will host another on Oct. 28 in the Maxcy conference 309 A&S lounge. Members are able to learn about how Halloween is celebrated in Caribbean culture. Students will receive individual bags of paint supplies to prevent sharing.

As of Oct. 18, the Caribbean Student Association is planning to keep the events in-person, but it is tentative depending on the state of COVID-19 cases and whether or not the university transitions back to in-person classes after this brief pause online.

“Currently, we are reviewing whether we want to keep this event in person or allow students to take the supplies back to their personal space to paint,” said Desheania Andrews, vice president of the Caribbean Student Association.

“The Caribbean Student Association encourages everyone to stay safe during this time and think wisely about any Halloween plans,” Andrews said. “[Remember] to keep yourself and the others around you safe by continuing to social distance and wear your face masks.”

On Halloween, the Student Committee of Programming Events (SCOPE) will be in the Gerber/Bixler quad from 3-4 handing out fall goodie bags. Students will be able to grab a bag and go.

Although this Halloween may not be what freshmen were expecting or what upperclassmen are used to, the campus community is showing that there are still safe ways to enjoy the holiday.

“If all of our students follow the guidelines in place, everyone can have an enjoyable Halloween and help ensure the health of their classmates,” said the division of student affairs.

Students can visit Charger Connection to get more information on upcoming Halloween events.