Curb Your Negativity

Alessia Bicknese

Recently, there have been many people being negative and carrying themselves so miserably for no reason at all. Such negativity includes, but is certainly not limited to envy, jealousy, self-pity, aggression, and, overall, some serious attitude problems.

Now, don’t get ahead of yourself. I’m not talking about people who are sincerely depressed or incapable of having a positive attitude because of a bad day or because of a breakup. I’m talking about people who purposely and willingly go out of their way to present themselves with an attitude that no one wants to be anywhere near.

Carrying yourself in such a negative manner will literally and visibly suck the life out of you. People tend to take their self-consciousness, dissatisfaction, and negativity out on others, ultimately causing those around them to feel that negative person’s disturbing and malicious streak of self-destruction.

Everybody’s had that experience – you’re having a great day, when, suddenly that one person who is just so inherently unhappy with their life comes up to you and manages to break down every positive aspect of your day and make you just as miserable as they are. Maybe it’s with a negative story, or maybe they verbally attack you and your good fortune.

It doesn’t matter how they manage to do it, they just do. Sometimes it’s somebody you don’t get along with, but it can also be a friend or even a parent or sibling. Facebook is full of all of these posts about how “a single smile can turn someone’s entire day around,” but what few people realize is that, just like a positive interaction can have a huge effect on somebody’s entire day, a negative interaction can have just as much of an effect. Just like people can pick up a bad vibe from the people around them, people can just pick up on the fact that you’re having a good day and, in an effort to spread their misery and make you just as unhappy as they are, they will hit you where it hurts to break you down.

To me, it is extremely disturbing and, quite frankly, immature for individuals to go out of their way and make a great effort to attempt ruining someone’s day. Haven’t you heard that negativity can literally shorten your life and destroy your future? Oh yeah, and it gives you wrinkles.

So, for all those people around me who are choosing to carry themselves with a negative attitude and a constant and permanent puss on their face, please take this as a message and take your resentful behavior elsewhere.