Connecticut Students for Dodd Announces Formation and Action Plan

The Charger Bulletin

New Haven, CT – Today, a coalition of politically engaged students from across the state have announced the formation of Connecticut Students for Dodd. This student run organization, formed independently of the campaign, will spend the next fifteen months working to ensure the reelection of Senator Dodd through grassroots organizing and campaigning. In addition to traditional campaign efforts, Connecticut Students for Dodd will focus a large part of its energies on mobilizing large numbers of graduate and undergraduates on numerous campuses.

“Just as in last year’s Presidential race, students have the potential to play a pivotal role in this Senate race. We will work tirelessly to turn out hundreds of active volunteers for the campaign,” said Ben Stango, a Junior at Yale University and President of Connecticut Students for Dodd. “This race is personal for many of us. During his 29 years in the U.S. Senate, Senator Dodd has championed our issues and worked to better our futures. From protecting us from abusive credit card industry practices, to fighting for health insurance reform, to working for stability abroad, the Senator has demonstrated his commitment to serving Connecticut’s students. We will not stand by idly while the right attempts unseat one of the Democratic Party’s finest public servants. Now is the time to take action and we are ready to play our part.”

In the fall and winter, Connecticut Students for Dodd will spend the majority of its efforts reaching out to campuses currently lacking active Students for Dodd chapters. Once the campaign shifts into high gear, those committed students will begin supplying the manpower necessary to bring the Senator’s message to Connecticut’s citizens. From phone banks, to canvasses, to rallies, Connecticut’s students will serve as a force for Senator Dodd.

“We are thrilled to see Connecticut’s students take initiative and begin to mobilize themselves,” said Jay Howser, Senator Dodd’s Campaign Manager. “As we have seen in the past, especially during President Obama’s historic election, students can make a real difference during the election season. We look forward to working closely with Connecticut Students for Dodd over the next fifteen months.”