College Burnout: Why you’re feeling unmotivated

As this semester comes to a close, the motivation to complete work seems nonexistent. Students are tired and just want to relax. Without a spring break this year, many are feeling the effects of burnout because of the lack of time to actually take a break.

College burnout is an extended period of time where students experience extreme fatigue and stress which could lead to a decline in academic performance. Physical signs of burnout are a lack of eating, struggling to carry out everyday tasks, trouble meeting deadlines, procrastination, becoming irritable, as well as losing interest in social and extracurricular activities.

With the ongoing pandemic and the lack of fun social interactions and activities, one could feel as though there is no time to rest with classes, projects, clubs, etc. The University has implemented “re-charge” days, where students do not have to attend classes and homework is not due. These days are making up for spring break.

Many campus offices, like the Center for Student Engagement, Leadership, and Orientation (CSELO) and the Myatt Center for Diversity and Inclusion have been hosting events both in-person and virtually to still have students engaged in campus-wide discussions and interactions. But it is still not the same as it used to be, due to restrictions and other medical concerns for the campus community; the in-person engagement lacks any real connection with our peers to actually feel like a community.

I have experienced and am still experiencing burnout. As a senior graduating in the next four weeks, I have become extremely tired and find myself unmotivated to do anything. Even hanging out with my friends feels like a chore, which should help relieve said stress.

Some ways to curb this college burnout could be to take a stroll or do a fun activity you have been postponing for a while like starting to journal, watching a movie or calling your friend. Even creating a little regime to stick to lands you into having a set routine. When we were in quarantine/lockdown, we lost that routine which many of us were so used to in our everyday lives.

But I am hopeful that with only three more weeks of classes left and a glimmer of what could be a “normal summer,” we as students could feel the weight lift off of our shoulders as soon as we turn in our finals.