Chargers Men’s Basketball Headed to NE10 Championship

The New Haven Chargers, who were the last seed in the Southwest division, have gone on to upset every team and push their way to the Northeast-10 Conference Championship.

The Chargers are very familiar with overtime play. Every game they have played in the tournament has ended in overtime. Their fight never dies, and especially did not Wednesday, Mar. 4. The Chargers went on to defeat the Stonehill Skyhawks in triple overtime.

The first half consisted of a back and forth leading between the two teams. The biggest separation between the score in the first half was around the 5-minute mark, where the Chargers lead 30-26. They take the advantage going into the second half leading three (40-37).

The second half is no different from the first. They both fought hard on offense and defense. Freshman, Davontrey Thomas tied the game with five seconds left in the second half to push the Chargers into overtime.

Double-overtime is where the fight and determination to make it to the championship came out for both teams. Sophomore, Quashawn Lane, made a breath-stopping play, where he tracked the ball down in the corner and sank a three-pointer to put the Chargers up by two. The Skyhawks with 0.2 seconds left in double overtime, in-bounds the ball and scores two to tie (97-97) and forces triple-overtime, which consisted of three baskets from each team.

The defensive outweighed the offensive in this period. The Chargers were the first to take the lead with a jumper by Derrick Rowland, a redshirt junior. The Chargers then took the next bucket by senior, Kessly Felizor, to lead by four (101-97). The Chargers held the lead by one after the Skyhawks drained a three with 2:27 left.

The leading scorers for the Chargers consist of Elijah Bailey, senior, Lane, sophomore, Felizor, senior, and Rowland, senior. Bailey led the chargers in the semifinal game with 33 points, three rebounds, and two steals. He also finished 7-9 at the free-throw line. Lane ended with a career-high of 23 points, which his three-pointer at the end of the second half saved the chargers.

Felizor led the team with 14 rebounds out of the 38 captured in the semifinal game. He also helped the Chargers by having 17 points and two blocks throughout the game. Rowland and Thomas were also in the leading scorers by breaking single digits. Thomas held five assists.

The Chargers now face the number one seed, Saint Anselm, in Manchester, New Hampshire on Saturday, Mar. 7. This is the final game of the Northeast-10 Conference tournament and will name the 2020 champions.