Chargers Got Talent

Samantha Mathewson

The University of New Haven held the first annual Chargers Got Talent competition Sunday, Feb. 23, in the Charger Gymnasium at North Campus. The event was sponsored by SAAC, the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, and raised over $1400 for the Make a Wish foundation.

Photo By Annalissa Berardinelli
Photo By Annalissa Berardinelli

The event was set up like the traditional talent show with a panel of judges consisting of Alexa Seidenfeld; the women’s vice president of SAAC, Ric Baker; the associate dean of students, Daryeal Murphy; manager of Marketplace, Faculty Dining and NRgize, and Lynn DeRobertis; the associate director of educational programs in the office of academic services.

The MCs of the night were Aquillan Hayes, from the women’s basketball, and Zach Guy, from the men’s football team. A UNH student band also accompanied performances and played throughout the night.

The night was full of performances ranging from singing, dancing, short skits, and poetry readings. Each athletic team had a routine respectively, along with members of the poetry club, the dance team, monsoon dance team and the step team. There were both solo and group performances. During two brief intermissions there was a dance contest where audience members were able to show off their moves too. The coaching staff also got to showcase their talent and dance with Charlie the Charger in a short video that was played during a break between performances titled “Evolution of Hip Hop Dance.”

After the event concluded and judges collaborated their scores, they announced that the women’s softball team, who had sung their own rendition of Royals, including humor in their lyrics relatable to all athletes. Judge Murphy said, “It was one of the two tens I gave out all night.”