Record Store Day showcases Rein Records artists to local community


Photo courtesy of Charger Bulletin/Kat Swistak.

Students at the Record Day event, West Haven, April 22, 2023.

With the clouds rolling in this past Saturday, many people took it as a sign to stay inside and hunker down. However, this did not stop others from heading to the Sheffield Gazebo to attend Rein Records’ pop-up shop in honor of national Record Store Day.
The record label set up shop to sell merchandise and CDs, including the physical “All at Once” EP, which features multiple artist singles, including music from Big Tuesday, Iumi, Malachi McLegend, Chris Chase and Final Call. CDs are still available for purchase for $10 on the Rein Records website.
Music was played from the Rein Records artists –– both content featured on the EP, and singles released later on, such as “John Wick” by Chris Chase and FM Wu played at the event.
Another CD on sale featured Rein Records’ newest artist and Connecticut native Ayminor. The album is titled “Tyme Machine” and a signed physical copy was on sale for $5.
The new artist said she saw a New Haven Register article about Rein Records, which prompted her to reach out to the record label.
Ayminor described her music as a combination of pop and R&B, Her album profile on Bandcamp says she took inspiration from artists such as Rihanna, Ciara and Jojo.
“I’m an independent artist and just kind of getting started in terms of really having professional presence and putting out my first EP, which is ‘Tyme Machine’,” she said. “So that was released last year and so to be able to have support of the team and to help with the marketing is really, really pivotal for somebody like me.”
Everybody could hear those inspirations when Ayminor went under the roof of the gazebo to perform “Happy,” a song on her new album. The melody was calm, just like Ayminor’s voice when going through the lyrics. Her stretching out the last word in the line “I never thought this day would come” shows just how much control she has over her vocals, which is a true sign of a phenomenal singer.
You can check out Rein Records’ artists and their EP’s online and on their Linktree to look at more from the record label.