Chris Chase talks about new single and music video in the works

Rein Records takes on artists who time and again prove their worth in the music world. This can be said of Chris Chase, a University of New Haven alumnus and artist who released his latest single “Ben Simmons” last month.
Ben Simmons” was released on Spotify, Apple Music and other streaming platforms on March 24. The song has a calm melody that floats through your ears, which is a common element in all of Chase’s work. The song’s mellowness allows you to listen to and understand the intense lyrics and vocals communicating heartbreak.
Chase said, “[The] lyrics [are] not necessarily aimed at one person, more so aimed at multiple people, you know.” The song was written during a difficult part of his life both mentally and emotionally, where he just wanted to “get it out there,” in terms of lyricism. “I was really down, and I just had to like record that and get it all out because I realize I’m the type of person where… when something’s bothering me, I just keep it in and bottle it up,” said Chase.
There were also drum stick sounds that established the soulful beat, allowing you to nod your head along. Chase said, “And when I was listening to the beat, I think I was right here in the same desk, just playing [it] over and over again.”
More developments are in store for Chase, the first being a music video coming out for “Ben Simmons.” He said that when he was in Atlanta, Ga. for a show, Chase and two of his friends rented an AirBnB to film the video. This was the same crew who worked on the music video for Chase’s other single “John Wick,” which was a collaboration with fellow artist FM Wu.
Chase has another music video currently in the pre-production stage for his upcoming song “2K23.”
For now, you can look forward to the “Ben Simmons” music video that will be released on Friday, April 14. Also in the meantime, check out Chase’s other work by visiting his Linktree.