Unexpected earthquake during April Showers concert

Last night, the Music Industry Club hosted their April Showers show. Three rock bands took to the stage, shaking the floor and blowing out the speakers of the German Club: Them Airs kicked off the night, followed by Dead Tooth who preceded headliner Bass Drum of Death. The lineup showcased a wide range of sounds and vocals, and each band flooded the space with their own distinct dynamic. Whether it was screaming with their shoes off or doing standup between taking a performance to new heights on the saxophone, last night had it all.

Everyone knows that you go to an alternative show for the supporting acts, so it’s only sound that last night’s rundown focuses on the underdogs.

Them Airs took to the stage with a unique aesthetic that certainly lacked cohesion across the group. This did not keep them from banding together as a solid group during their set, though it did elicit some feelings of confusion when trying to unpack their overarching vibe.

A couple of the band members, including lead singer, tackled their set barefoot, and the group was running off of an admirable amount of cranberry juice which joined them on the stage.

The drummer of this group truly carries the depth of their sound, though the lead singer had facial expressions that proved to be rather entertaining.

In some songs, Them Airs managed to create a nice build, though overall their sound is inarguably generic. They’ve got that outwardly awkward vibe going for them, but in this scene that item has also become overdone.

This local CT band is still pretty fresh to the industry, having their first release only date back to 2018. It’s clear that they have loads of potential and musical talent, but they need to experiment with diversifying their sound more to take their act to the next level. Listeners should absolutely keep an eye out for the more mature eras of Them Airs.

Dead Tooth claimed the stage next, storming in with an aesthetic that was out of this world. Sporting accessories including a bandana, some pairs of super tinted glasses, a fanny pack and even a wife beater, it was impossible not to love them before they even made a sound.

The word “rad” truly should not make way out of anyone’s lips in 2023, but there is not another singular syllable that could more accurately sum up this group.

The chemistry across Dead Tooth’s members, and the level at which they played off of each other’s energy to create a layered dynamic onstage makes it clear early on that this band has spent some time crafting their presence together. Their first release was also in 2018, but the nuance of their sound and performance composure would have you convinced they dated much further back.

It’s hard to decide whether the layers of their sound or their movements were more seamless. The lead singer made the stage his playground, and used every possible inch to suck the crowd in. His composure deeply mirrored the style of Fossee, bringing a level of abstraction underneath the strobing lights of the German Club. Not only was his vocal range encapsulating, but the fluidity of his movements worked to make him the total package.

While the band before them decided that shoes were where they drew the line, Dead Tooth called it a day at shirts, and it wasn’t long before a couple of their members were barebacked, drawing more attention to their hair flowing in every direction and subtly flexing a cactus tattooed on their abdomen (a sick choice, honestly).

In combination, this duo truly set the stage for headliner Bass Drum of Death, proving once again that the underrated bands of the earlier hours of the night are the ones to really keep your eyes peeled for.

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