CSELO kicks off Commuter Appreciation Month at the Alumni Lounge

Women’s History Month is not the only dedication being celebrated at the university during March. The Center for Student Engagement, Leadership and Orientation (CSELO) is also celebrating university commuters and off-campus students throughout the month.
The kickoff celebration for Commuter Appreciation Month took place at the Alumni Lounge last Wednesday. Students lined up to get checked into the event to play board games, color pictures and chat with fellow commuters. Food truck vouchers and Insomnia Cookies were given out as well.
Chris Cheslog, a graduate student pursuing a master’s in chemistry and graduate intern for CSELO’s commuter and off campus student initiatives, helped check people into the event.
“We’re just showing our commuters how much we value them as part of our campus community,” said Cheslog. “Having been a commuter for all four of my [undergraduate] years, I know that sometimes commuters don’t feel that sense of community and belonging that exists on this campus.”
Cheslog acknowledged that having events and celebrations dedicated to off-campus students will further the “engagement and sense of belonging” that commuters do not have enough of.
Ally Kocivar, the associate director for programming in CSELO, is currently overseeing the commuter and off campus service programs and initiatives. Kocivar spoke further on those initiatives, which include a Grab and Go Breakfast at the Bartel’s Student Activity Center patio on March 20. Kocivar said, “I think that will give everyone some extra energy coming off of break for our commuters and our off-campus students.”
“CSELO is the main point of contact for commuter and off campus students on campus,” said Kocivar. “And I feel like a lot of times students don’t get to hear that enough.” Having the Commuter Appreciation Kickoff event is a reminder for commuter students that CSELO and other campus resources are indeed there to help them.
Alexa Shepherd, a senior forensic science major, attended the kickoff celebration and got to mingle with other commuter students. As a commuter, Shepherd feels that “it’s not always easy to be included on campus.” Shepherd said other commuter challenges include a lack of parking and dining options, especially for those without a commuter meal plan.
Attending the kickoff and learning of the commuter events being held made Shepherd feel “welcome and a part of the community.” Shepherd also said, “I’m excited to hear about them and see what’s coming.”
If you are an off-campus student and want to attend any of the Commuter Appreciation Month events, check out the official flyer. There will be a final commuter celebration on March 30, which will include a barbecue and indoor mini-golf at the German Club.