USGA president steps down, transitions continue within executive board

This past Friday, Undergraduate Student Government Association (USGA) President Saniyah Brinney stepped down from her position, and a motion to accept her letter of resignation was accepted.

Cora Cogill, former Vice President of Operations (VPOPS) has been appointed interim president of USGA.

In her statement entering the position, Cogill thanked Brinney for her work as former president, and said that “her compassion and understanding throughout her time as President has had a positive impact on the E-Board and student body as a whole,” and requested that Brinney be granted privacy in her recovery.

Cogill also said, “The Executive Board members and I have been communicating frequently to discuss next steps forward, and how we plan to work together for the benefit of USGA. You’ll notice that I chose to sit in the middle of the Executive Board. This symbolizes the unity between the members of the Executive Board on the path of progress as a unified team.”

Cogill also opened up about her presence as a leader, saying that she “focuses on efficient communication with all organizations and students, as well as a balance of professionalism and empathy. Instead of acting on my own individual goals, I plan to advocate for the changes the student body would like to see.”

In another motion of new leadership, Darby Brown, former senator for women in sports, ran for senior vice president (SVP).

When asked why she chose to apply for the position mid-year, as opposed to waiting for the next election, Brown said “I chose to apply to ensure someone was in the position to help RSOs this year. I wasn’t focused on the timeline, but rather the goals for the role.”

After RSOs were given the opportunity to question Brown, the appointment was accepted.

Currently, the positions of VPOPS and vice president of community, advocacy and diversity (VPCAD) are openly accepting applications.

VPOPS, formerly held by Cogill, acts as a link between USGA’s Senate and their Executive Board. They also co-chair the TORCH Committee and the Advocacy Board and aid with Senate events and budgeting.

VPCAD, formerly held by Mary Lippa prior to their stepping down last semester, collaborates with the offices of the Center for Student Engagement, Leadership and Orientation (CSELO) and Student Affairs to navigate diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) topics. VPCAD also plans DEI speaker series and attends Campus Climate Coalition Meetings on behalf of the USGA.

To apply for either position, you must have completed at least 27 credit hours and hold a 2.75 GPA.

Motions for appointment to these positions will take place at the USGA general meeting on March 3.