No More Chemo Rally takes on Twisted Thursday


Photo Courtesy of Charger Bulletin/Mia Adduci

The Alumni Lounge filled with participants of the No More Chemo Rally, West Haven, Feb. 23, 2023.

Taylor Swift’s “Anti-Hero” played in the Alumni Lounge, putting a smile on Charge Through the Night for St. Jude Treasurer Nicholas Grassi’s face. Smiles popped onto the faces of more members when people filed into the Alumni Lounge for the No More Chemo Rally this past Thursday.
The No More Chemo Rally was a Twisted Thursday collaboration between Charge Through the Night and the Center for Student Engagement, Leadership and Orientation. Attendees were asked to begin the night by heading to the fundraising website to register either themselves or a team to collect donations to the cause.
Charge Through the Night has currently raised $6,671 for the St. Jude Hospital and their mission to tackle childhood cancer. The goal for the night was to raise an additional $200.They raised more than triple this goal, ending the night with a total of $661.
Opportunities arose for attendees to donate and spread the word about the fundraising through the organization’s challenges for the night. Students earned points by completing tasks of varying degrees, and there were five prizes for people who earned the most points.
For 10 points, the first challenge was to send the fundraising link to three people in different sports teams. Friends of attendees were not the only ones receiving the fundraising link, as the next challenge was to send their personal donation link to a celebrity. Messages were sent to figures ranging from President Joseph Biden to musicians such as The Weeknd, Ice Spice and Doja Cat.
Phone-a-friend got heated when attendees had to get at least two people to come to the Alumni Lounge within 10 minutes. People ran to the lounge doors, even down the stairs to the Bartel’s entrance, to make sure their friends would arrive and secure their 15 points.
Running to doors was not the only workout of the evening, as people leaped to the floor and did five proper pushups for 10 points.
Brain muscles were used for trivia questions, one of which asked who Charge Through the Night’s Executive Director Kelvin Vasquez’s favorite artist is. Someone earned 10 points by correctly guessing The Weeknd, who also happened to receive a fundraising link.
Once the challenges were completed, there came time to announce the winners of the night.
Fifth place went to Kira Condap, a business management major who won a hydro flask.
Fourth place went to Matthew Rosenblum, a computer science major who won a Fire TV Stick.
Third place went to Alyssa Hagen, a psychology major who won a projector.
Second Place went to Thomas Rooney, a homeland security and emergency management major who won a JBL Flip 5 wireless speaker.
Drumrolls pounded through the room before first place went to Thomas Fang, a national security major who won Beats Solo headphones.
After awards were announced, people filed out of the alumni lounge while Doja Cat’s name made a reappearance as her song “Woman” played.
To keep track of Charge Through the Night’s events, check their Charger Connection page and their Instagram @unewhaven_stjude.