Local police authorities are lacking information surrounding university students

Developing: Last updated 2/15/23

In light of the heightened quantity of off-campus events involving student safety and well-being, it becomes paramount for local authorities to provide information to the student body impacted by these shaking events.

Following the reported death of graduate business analytics student Sri Ram Kalidindi, a message to the university from Dean of Students Ophelie Rowe-Allen informed the community that Mr. Kalidindi “died in the early morning hours of January 31 in his off-campus residence. The New Haven Police Department is handling this incident.”

The New Haven Police Department (NHPD)’s Records Division has been contacted consistently on the incident since Feb. 5 at 11:30 a.m.

Multiple representatives from the records desk and the freedom of information department have claimed no information –– including notes and active case numbers that should be present in their records under Mr. Kalidinidi’s name–– were not in their records system.

On Feb. 7, a request surrounding the cause of death directed to Executive Secretary of the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner Linda Sylvia was responded by press inquiries for the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, informing that the “Cause of Death is ‘Pending further Studies’ and Manner is ‘Pending Investigation.’”

On Feb. 8, Dave Cranshaw from the Office of Marketing responded on behalf of a number of university officials who were sent inquiries on the matter. In this university statement, he said “The University of New Haven community is deeply saddened by the loss of Sri Ram Kalidindi, a graduate student in our business analytics program, who died in the early morning hours of January 31 in his off-campus residence. A native of Vijayawada, India, he joined the university at the start of the spring semester. Grief counseling is available to students. The New Haven Police Department is handling this incident. Any inquiries should be directed to the New Haven Police Department.”

A second request for information that would aid in obtaining police records on the incident was made and yet to be granted any response.

The university has yet to host a memorial ceremony for Mr. Kalidindi, though it has now been 16 days since his death. Last semester, the Celebration of Life ceremony for Mr. Sai Narasimha Patamsetti and Ms. Pavani Gullapally took place 15 days following the car accident that resulted in their deaths.

The University of New Haven Police Department was also contacted, to which they said that they had no knowledge surrounding the incident and that all concerns were to be directed to the NHPD.

This past Sunday, the NHPD records desk confirmed again that “no records populated” in their system under Mr. Kalidindi’s legal name. This information was provided by “clerk 14” from the department. She also voiced awareness that the same requests have been unfulfilled throughout the past calendar week, as well as personal speculation that the individual may not possess registered forms of identification.

This matter is still developing, and updates will be provided accordingly.