Candidates Debate for Treasurer, Get Ready for Votes


On Tuesday, September 12, the USGA Treasurer debates took place in Gehring Hall, between President of ELITE Step Team Zanaiya Léon, and USGA Senator Gabriella Palmeri. Moderated by USGA President Nicolette Angelli, the questions included their personal qualifications for being treasurer, as well as how they would handle certain situations that would arise in the position.

Blue Status RSOs were discussed in the debate, since organizations of that status have a budget cap of $500. Léon understands that it can be hard to be productive throughout the year and hold the events that the clubs want to hold because they don’t always have the budget. However, she also feels that RSOs should show a willingness to put in the work, which would make the committee more likely to increase their budget.

Palmeri has said she’d want to make it an initiative to have clubs increase advertising, as, since it leads to more members, the RSOs get more fundraising. Palmeri also believes that Blue Status clubs are just as important as Gold Status clubs, pointing out that every club once started with Blue Status.

The debate also consisted of questions about the candidates’ qualifications. Léon talked about how she was the one handling monetary transactions for the ELITE Step Team, giving her some experience with handling money on her team. Léon also mentioned that she works well under immense pressure, something that the position would give her. Her business management major also makes her used to jobs like this one.

However, Palmeri discussed how her three years of experience in USGA, including being on the Budget Committee and being a Senator, makes her “very comfortable in how the meetings run,” especially with her constant attendance to said meetings. Palmeri also discussed that her willingness to “sacrifice things that I love” for this position, as well as her experience, makes her more qualified than her opponent.

Voting is open until Friday, September 15, at noon.

View the entire debate below:

Glenn Rohrbacker/The Charger Bulletin