Can We Just Elect a President and be Done with It?

The Charger Bulletin

If you know me at all, you know that I am not interested in politics the slightest bit. It bores me. It also bothers me because politics are so complicated and influenced by so much more than just votes by the people. Considering the fact that I hate politics, it shouldn’t surprise you when I say that I am so sick of this presidential election nonsense.

McCain is old. Obama is inexperienced. Blah, blah, blah; I don’t care. Each one is going to do what he wants once he gets into office no matter who we vote for. Personally, I don’t think that the average American has a voice in this election at all.

If Americans had a voice, the candidates would be willing to do things for Americans. Not military aggressors overseas. Despite Wall Street literally falling apart, the candidates refuse to admit that the economy is failing. Americans with no jobs and foreclosed houses should be the first priority for any presidential candidate or president for that matter. Yet, the little guy continues to have no voice. I can’t help but feel like no matter which candidate gets elected, little is going to change. Maybe I’m just too much of a cynic. Oh well.

Despite my cynical views, I just need this election to be over. It’s such a close race that we are not going to know the front-runner until the final results no matter what. So what’s the point of all the back-and-forth campaigning? I haven’t heard anything new about either campaign for at least a month. A lot of it is pointing fingers and he-said she-said statements. I had to take a political poll in one of my classes and a section of it involved watching campaign commercials (about four of each). None of the ads told me anything about their respective platforms. Obama’s ads were all focused on saying McCain’s term would be “more of the same.” And McCain’s ads said that America is not ready for the changes that Obama wants to make. So where are the facts?

They definitely aren’t in biased network news or even newspapers most of the time. The Internet is swimming with opinions, false facts, and satires. I usually favor debates to get a grasp on campaign platforms. However, I’ve been so uninterested in this stagnant election that I was not interested in taking the time to watch boring debates on TV.

I know I’m ruining the whole attempt to get young people to vote, but I’m pretty sure that I’m not going to vote at all (much to the disappointment of my father, I’m sure). I just don’t see a point in voting when I don’t really believe in anything the candidates are promoting. I’m just ready for this whole mess to be over.