Bravo Takes its Hit to the Capital

Kait Richmond

The Real Housewives phenomenon is making its way down the East Coast with a new group of catty women searching for their fifteen minutes of fame. This time around, Bravo’s hit series takes on Washington D.C. The newest cast is a perfect fit to the dysfunctional Real Housewives’ family, mixing the right amount of outrageous behavior and incredible wealth to result in what fans are used to: drama, drama, and more drama.

Let’s start with Michaele Salahi, whose name pronunciation has clearly been altered for attention purposes. You know her as one-half of the couple who crashed the White House State Dinner. Let’s just say that on the show, she is exactly what you might expect her to be: a bubbly, airhead who craves attention. If you’re placing bets now on which D.C. housewife will attempt a music career (after all, one from each season has), put your money on Michaele.

Then there’s Lynda Erkiletian, a seasoned divorcee who runs a top-modeling agency. She’s respectable in that she earns her own money, but she is definitely the back-stabber of the season. Michaele was her first target but probably not her last.

Cat Ommanney came to America from London, and as she says in the opening, she’s here for a good time, not a long time. How she’s going to have a good time is questionable, as she’s already made some enemies because of her brash, no-nonsense attitude. Cat’s taken some subtle shots at Americans, but apparently her biggest fault is that she likes George Bush (God forbid!).

Stacie Scott Turner, on the other hand, loves Barack Obama and will tell you that…over, and over, and over. She is a smart woman, though, with a hilarious husband and a sweet, welcoming family. When she invites some of her fellow housewives to her Aunt Francis’ for a soul food dinner, it’s a refreshing break from the entitled, upper-class people we normally see.

There has to be a nice girl, and this season, it’s Mary Schmidt Amons. Her biggest problem is her daughter’s mountain dog that sheds all over the house. Mary is a sweet person with a big family, and she will be the one who invites all the housewives to the parties, unintentionally (or so we think) stirring up all the drama.

You never can tell where a season of the Real Housewives will go, but Bravo promises the same antics its fans are used to. If you love the ladies of Orange County, NYC, Atlanta, or New Jersey, chances are you will enjoy the ladies of D.C. as well.