Big Tuesday is ready to “rendezvous”

The university’s student-run record label, Rein Records, is providing a professional yet self-controlled experience to two recording artists in the West Haven area. One band is Big Tuesday, and they have just released “Rendezvous” off of their upcoming extended play (EP) “For You.”

There are four sophomore members in Big Tuesday: lead singer, rhythm guitarist and music industry major Elise Browell, drummer and music and sound recording major Lee Jones, bassist and music industry major Bobby Huiskamp and lead guitarist and music and sound recording major Sean Tierney.

The group formed during their freshman year. Tierney and Huiskamp were roommates who played together in their free time and discussed forming a band. The two met Jones through the Audio Engineering Society and asked him to be the drummer. Then, one day, Huiskamp heard Browell singing in the stairwell and asked her after class to join their band.

Before Browell joined, the other three members used a random word generator, and thus, the name “Big Tuesday” was born.

Big Tuesday has since released three singles called “Wonderland,” “Where We Stand,” and “All Over Again.”

Their new single, “Rendezvous” came out of a natural jamming session during one of their rehearsals and recorded a riff in voice memos. About two weeks later, Huiskamp and Tierney were put into quarantine, so Browell and Jones wrote lyrics to the song in about two days.

“Rendezvous” is the first original song that Big Tuesday is releasing in their sophomore year.

Browell said that in the last two years, they have worked on creating original tracks. “’Wonderland’ was our first, real, like, big project that we did and that everybody, like, really supported and loved,” said Browell. “I think we’re just trying to keep that energy from that first song and continue it throughout our music.”

Huiskamp said being signed to Rein Records is beneficial because they get the experience of being in a professional record label, yet they own all of their music. The record label is mainly used for the distribution and promotion of music. However, the program is in the process of being redesigned, which he said made for a confusing year.

“I think that’s, like, super great because it’s easier than just the four of us, like, having a plan. It’s nice to have, kind of, a team that is designing things for us,” said Browell.

Tierney said that recording has been a great experience so far because they get to do it with their friends outside of the band in Dodds Hall.

Big Tuesday is in the process of creating its EP. They plan to record with a private studio after finals week and release it at the beginning of the fall 2021 semester.

“[We] definitely [want to] just milk as many recordings as we can out of the University of New Haven, get in the studio and play around New Haven,” said Jones.

Jones said that they hope to stay in the band after college. “I feel like we just love making music and I think we just want to continue that for as long as possible.”

On May 2, Big Tuesday will perform the songs from “For You” including “Rendezvous” in the Bixler/Gerber quad at 1:30 p.m. You can follow Big Tuesday on Instagram @thebigtuesday and listen to their music on any major streaming platform.