Astroworld Festival kills 10 in attendance; Sends more to hospital


Photo courtesy of @travisscott on Instagram

Travis Scott performs during a show.

Performer Travis Scott’s 2021 Astroworld Festival ran from Nov. 5 through Nov. 7 in Houston, TX. On Friday night, 50,000 people were caught in a crowd surge where 10 people died and countless more were injured, many of whom were hospitalized.

The media is in conflict following intense dispute and backlash being voiced by those who were in attendance and those hearing of the events secondhand.

Following the events, more information and first-hand accounts from the festival began to surface. One viral online video depicts a young girl repeatedly yelling to security, notifying them of the people dying in the crowd. In the video, the screaming words of “there is someone dead” are heard, accompanied by the security guard attempting to ignore the pleas before dismissing the vocal members of the crowd.

A letter has been circulating through the internet, written by @seannafaith on Instagram, the same person from the viral video.

She wrote, “I climbed the ladder and pointed to the hole, telling [the cameraman] people were dying. He told me to get off the platform, and continued filming. I screamed over and over again. He wouldn’t even look in the direction”

The letter also said, “I looked the other guard in the eyes and told him he was the one responsible for the deaths. He did nothing. I went under the platform, called 911.”

Before the concert began, Houston police met with Scott to speak about concerns with event safety. The chief of Houston police’s statement did not include any response from Scott himself.

In a separate recording from that night, the crowd is heard chanting “stop the show” repeatedly, to which Scott did not acknowledge and proceeded to ask the crowd to “make some noise” as the concert continued.

When first-responders arrived at the event, their emergency vehicles were overtaken by members of the crowd, dancing and screaming on top of an ambulance.

As of Nov. 16, 10 people died, ranging in ages nine through 27. Samuel Peña, Houston fire chief on the scene described the events of that Friday night as a “mass casualty event.”

Many people are left in shock following these events and a public uproar via social media platforms, such as Tiktok where #astroworld has over two billion views, and has gained traction in questioning the chaos and lack of control of those running Astroworld. There are now multiple active civil lawsuits filed against Scott, Live Nation and the promoters of the concert. One suit, of over 40 others, is seeking over $1 million, to pay for treatment of the injuries incurred from the event. On Monday, the rapper’s management spoke up in saying that funeral costs for the eight lives will be covered by Scott himself.

This isn’t the first incident during which one of the rapper’s shows has raised concern. Many legal experts warned that due to the history of Travis Scott’s violent concerts, there was more of a chance for him to “pursue negligence claims against companies that planned and managed the show” as the artist has indeed had to plead guilty on charges of misdemeanor during prior events of his.