Ariana Grande

Katerina Sperl

Ariana Grande’s vocal strengths are comparative to Mariah Carey’s; the only difference is that I actually like Ariana Grande.

Photo Provided by AP

Not only does she have great talent, she also knows how to be beautiful without taking off all of her clothes. In a world of naked teens, her biggest scandal was kissing Mac Miller in their music video.

Upon opening her new album, Yours Truly, I was surprised that “The Way,” was not the opening track. So many stars put their best known hit first. However, I agree with this decision; “Honeymoon Avenue,” showcases her abilities to hit all the high notes perfectly.

While “Baby I,” has a horrible name, it picks up the pace and makes me want to dance. This is a good thing, because any attempt of singing along would end in a horrible fail on my part.

“Right There,” is not exactly something I would listen to. It is a little too hip-hop for me, but I do applaud her range of music. She can do hip-hop, pop, and jazzy tracks all on the same album, tied together with absolutely angelic vocals.

“Tattooed Heart,” is like something off of an old record, yet I have never heard anything like it. It reminds me that love is unshakable, regardless of money or time past. Some people will just stay with us forever.

Of course, this article would not be complete with a review of “The Way.” If you have never heard this song, climb out from under your rock and listen up! While the lyrics are repetitive, I do not mind at all for once. The song is catchy, danceable, singable, and definitely cut out to be one of the best tracks on pop radio.

“Almost Is Never Enough,” is a duet with Nathan Skyes. After some quick googling (I’ll admit a lack of knowledge here), I discovered he is actually a member of The Wanted. The song is decent for the most part, but I like the message. If there had been better communication, there would have been love instead of a breakup.

The only Broadway musical I’ve ever seen was Wicked. Ariana Grande’s version of “Popular Song,” with MIKA is an even greater change from the original I saw performed. Much like the rest of the album, I absolutely loved it.