Apple Sells Four Million iPhone 4S

Cristal Reyes

It is becoming a well-known fact that anything that Apple makes turns out to be a hit. Even though many critics tore Apple apart for releasing iPhone 4S instead of the long awaited iPhone 5, the new tricked out phone sold over four million units in just the first three days of it being on the market.

“Even though Apple releases just slightly updated versions of previous products, costumers always seem to buy into their technological cravings. The same thing occurred with the iPad,” says devoted Apple costumer Kate Bonczyk.

The iPhone 4S has been made available in sales in Japan, Australia, France, the UK, Germany, Canada, and the United States. By the end of the year, the $400-$600 phone should be available in over 70 countries. Even though the phone looks identical to the previous model (iPhone 4), it has many interesting features. Such as, a duel-core A5 chip, an eight mega-pixel camera, iCloud, and Siri. It even slogans itself as the “most amazing iPhone yet.”

Many consider the reason for the high sales to be the death of Apple CEO and genius, Steve Jobs. It’s rumored that the iPhone 5 should be coming out in 2012; if it’s true, then it’s evident that it will probably be a hit too.