Another Different Type of Fairy Tale Story

Michelle R Morra

The age of the cop show is over; stations are coming up with different ideas.  Last week was the premiere of the TV show Once Upon A Time, and this week, NBC premiered Grimm.  Looks like the age of the cop shows are over, and an age of different types of fairy tales has begun.

Grimm follows a young man, who isn’t aware that he has a famous family history.  Everybody knows the famous Brothers Grimm stories, maybe a softer version, but we all know the stories: Cinderella, Snow White, Red Riding Hood, and so much more.  The original stories are more gruesome than the Disney versions that we all know and love.  This show is going to play off of these stories and give them a modern twist.

The main character, Nick Burckhardt, is the last member from the line of Grimms and is just starting to gain his vision, seeing supernatural things all around.  In real life, he is a detective. In the pilot episode, he gets a case of, what look like, animal attacks on girls that wear red jackets.  Remind you of anything in particular? So now his job is to hunt and stop the bad supernatural beings that commit crimes in the modern world.

The show is still a little hazy on the details, but hopefully in the next couple of episodes it will show us more.  This may be a new phenomenon.  Let’s just stay tuned for more.