An Opinion on Opinions

Elizabeth Field

The Charger Bulletin has been a hallmark of student life at UNH since our establishment in 1938. More recently, the Charger Bulletin has become more notorious for stirring up a little trouble and it’s almost always because of this very page.

I feel like a broken tape repeating the same thing over and over regarding the nature of our opinion page, but it’s necessary. I promise this will be the last time. The Charger Bulletin aims to create a platform for intelligent and stimulating student discussion. Every member of the UNH community is encouraged (begged?) to submit articles to be published. The most common submission we receive are OP-EDs to be featured on our opinion page. The staff of the Charger Bulletin does not agree with every opinion we publish and we don’t expect that you will always, or possibly ever, agree with the ideas expressed on this page.

We have received a lot of feedback on Facebook recently regarding a recent opinion piece “Gosh Darn Country Music.” While the writer may have embellished some comments for the sake of (unsuccessful) humor, every belief deserves courtesy and respect. Coming from a person who has had some recent experience in this field, it takes a lot of courage to speak against popular opinion and it takes a lot of courage to endure through the hateful comments that follow. Every person has the right to an opinion just as every person has the right to disagree with that opinion.

While many have requested that we cease to publish opinion pieces, I am happy to announce that this will not happen. I refuse to be the person that stifles the student voice. And since these opinions are written by students, despite you not agreeing with them, yes, it is still an accurate depiction of the UNH community. If you don’t like it, write about it and you may see it on this very page.

In my many roles on campus from student to Editor, I am so proud to be a part of the vibrant university community. UNH is a wonderful place to study, work, and live and opens the door to so many opportunities for all of us. However, the campus is not without problems and challenges. A university paper should create a discussion forum for students to address these issues. I am respectfully requesting for everyone to be tolerant to your peers and their views no matter how impactful or silly. When it really comes down to it, who cares if someone doesn’t like the same music as you?

Frankly, if a little controversy causes people to pick up the newspaper then it is worth it for the important information in each issue. Whether you came here to mock an article about country music, the Pledge of Allegiance, or the 2nd Amendment, if you turn the page and read about Sigma Chi’s recent charitable blanket drive “Wrap Up America” or see a flyer for BSU’s Black History Month events, then the staff of the Charger Bulletin has been successful.

The ability to declare what you like, what you hate, and what you believe is essential in a proper democracy. We will continue to offer this opportunity to all members of our university community. Free expression of ideas and opinions is not something that will be censored in this newspaper.