American Horror Story Not Dead Yet

The long-awaited eighth season of the award-winning FX Television series American Horror Story is finally underway. The series is an anthology, where each season is connected but has a different theme and time period in a fictional American Horror Story universe.

The seasons proceeding the current one are “Murder House,”  “Asylum,” “Coven,” “Freak Show,” “Hotel,” “Roanoke,” and “Cult.” The new season is called “Apocalypse,” and it chronicles a group of characters lives post-apocalypse. They find themselves at Outpost 3, which is basically a renovated bunker for the affluent. The only modern technology is a radio that plays the same song over and over again. The Outpost is run by the rich socialite named Venable, played by series veteran Sarah Paulson, who forces other characters to dress in outfits that would have been worn in the late 1700s to the early 1800s. This adds to the old-timey aesthetic of the season.

According to creator Ryan Murphy,  this season is a crossover between “Coven” and “Murder House,”  It is uncertain how the crossover will work in the context of the series. Will it be through flashbacks or will the past characters actually interact with the characters inside the outpost? We don’t know, but the Outpost as it stands has an eerie atmosphere with many questions to be answered.

Murphy said many fan favorites would be back to solidify the connections between the seasons. These fan favorites include Cordelia Goode, Madison Montgomery, Queenie, Zoe Benson, Misty Day, Myrtle Snow, and Stevie Nicks returning from ‘Coven’. From “Murder House,” characters Billie Dean Howard, Tate Langdon, and Constance. Fans are also excited to see that two more of Sarah Paulson’s characters will be back, which means she will play three roles this season.

It is also an exciting season because of the return of Jessica Lange. Fans have been waiting for her return since her departure after season four. Her reprisal of Constance Langdon in episode six will bring a sense of nostalgia to series fans.

The barren setting and insanity-stricken characters are hopefully going to blend to make the most shocking and exciting season yet. The first two episodes are available on demand and the third episode will air at 10 p.m. EST on Wednesday.