After 6-Year Hiatus, Jonas Brothers are Back


Courtesy of Creative Commons

Jonas Brothers together in 2009.

If you have not logged onto social media for the past few days, we have news for you: the Jonas Brothers have reunited after a 6-year hiatus with a millennial-geared marketing blitz that will blow your mind. The group consists of three brothers: Joe, Nick, and Kevin, who each bring something to the new sex-appeal driven mix.

On Jan. 15, Cosmopolitan reported that the Jonas Brothers reactivated their group’s Instagram. The Jonas Brothers dropped cover art and a preview for a new single titled “Sucker,” promising the release of the song and corresponding video premiere for the next day. The new content was supported by another preview for “Jonas Brothers Week” on The Late Late Show with James Corden.  The Late Show’s Executive Producer Ben Winston promised: “sketches, chat, live music, [Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts segment] and even a [Carpool Karaoke].”

Social media blew up in celebration, bringing back old footage of the band in preparation for the premiere that was only a few hours away. Fans reflected on the old days of the band wearing fedoras and scarves in comparison to their new look reflected in the cover art with silky pants and facial hair.

Between 2006 and 2013, the Jonas Brothers released four studio albums, three live albums, four soundtracks, and a concert film. Their last two singles, “Pom Poms” and “First Time” were released in April and June of 2013 respectively, but the group broke up shortly after in October. Since then, fans have had to get their Jonas fix through the lens of their personal lives.

“Sucker” had an epic premiere at midnight Mar. 1, earning 4.9 million views in less than 12 hours after the debut. The video is a visual feast that focuses on the women in each of the brothers’ lives: Sophie Turner, girlfriend of Joe Jonas; Priyanka Chopra, newly wed  to Nick Jonas; and Danielle Jonas, wife of 9 years to Kevin Jonas. It depicts the simple narrative of the track describing the strength of the love that the Jonas Brothers have for their respective counterparts. True to their roots, the band of brothers croons over a pop track embellished with rock instrumentation— and yet, they manage to make the technique sound fresh.

In a society struggling in political turmoil, the Jonas Brothers’ comeback is the equivalent of hitting the escapism jackpot. Young girls who are now working full-time jobs now have disposable income to splash at boy band concerts that remind them of a simpler time before they had to start paying off their student loans. Now, social media will be following the Jonas Brothers more than ever before in anticipation of a new album and tour.

Listen to “Sucker” on all streaming platforms here.