A$AP Rocky brings Injured Generation Tour to CT

A$AP Rocky brings a new side out at the Mohegan Sun stage through his solo Injured Generation Tour. Rocky performed a set list of music from all eras of his discography on the Jan. 18 show.

He opened the show with the song “A$AP Forever” a single off his latest album “TESTING”. Rocky hit the stage with an industrial-type mask, to pair with the hazard logo aesthetic which has become a symbol of himself, this album, and this tour.

After a few songs, he removed the mask and asked the crowd if anyone had a babushka he could borrow. A babushka is a head wrap mostly worn by women, but Rocky started the trend for himself when he used the wrap to cover a cut on his face. It has become a signature look for him. With bandannas and babushkas held high, Rocky grabbed one from the crowd and put it on his head. Once it was tied up, he announced he was going to play an unreleased song titled “Babushka.” The song created a rave-type atmosphere with a lot of bass and tones.

The stage design for the tour involved three suspended German cars, as well as pyrotechnics and confetti. The unique stage dynamic kept the crowd at bay for what to expect next. The whole theme of the show was that you were embarking on an experience.

Commands were made throughout the show. For example, Rocky’s dancers opened the show holding up signs telling the audience to frown. Throughout the performance, the audience would sometimes hear an ominous electronic voice reciting demands. One of the demands called for Rocky to stop what he was doing and do ten pushups, Rocky complied, and the crowd was impressed.

Rocky wanted to create a high energy environment to close the show with some of his most well-known songs. The screens on the stage lit up the words “MOSH PIT” and he began to chant the words out. People who were in seats began to feel left out and tried to dash past security into the general admission area of the arena. Rocky noticed people were being escorted out for doing so and called out to security asking for no one else to be kicked out of the show.

With that being said, section by section patrons began rushing down the aisles in swarms to the arena floor as “Wild For the Night” began to play. A huge crowd formed a mosh pit, resulting in major chaos for the security staff.

Rocky ended the show with the song “Long Live A$AP,”let it be known that Rocky can command a crowd.