A Tradition Continues

Sam Cox

by Delta Chi

WEST HAVEN–The University of New Haven is a school that is committed to a student-centered education and experimental learning. Through that come traditions and proud alumni that have graduated to become contributing members of society. We, the members of the Delta Chi Fraternity believe whole heartedly in that concept, and for that reason have taken on the road of brotherhood. This is why we continue our tradition passed down from countless alumni to sing our bond song every Sunday night after our meetings. We have done so since 1981.

Last year the university moved our organization’s rocks against their wishes due, to our understanding, that it did not look good on campus near the student center. That is where we carried out our tradition and no one seemed to mind. Recently we’ve had to carry out our singing next to Botwinik Hall. As a result, many students have voiced their concerns due to the lateness of our event. We do understand that many students would like to rest and concentrate on their important studies for the week ahead. We are committed to working with the university and the students in this matter.

We are writing to the school community to explain why we sing and why we must continue to do so. We hold numerous events for the benefit of others on campus such as the American Red Cross blood drives, and take part in many charitable cancer walks. We also support many organizations on campus and will continue to do so. But we firmly believe that as a school organization, we should be allowed to continue our tradition of singing at our rock. Not just for us, but for the number of alumni that have taught us what it means to be a contributing member to our friends, family, community, and school.