A new quad: Does it help anything?


Photo courtesy of Presley Depugh

The new quad outside of Dunham Hall, West Haven, Sept. 3, 2022.

University of New Haven students started their fall semester classes on Aug. 29, 2022, and many noticed some big changes across campus following their return since the spring semester. The campus security, traffic circulation and greenspace upgrades of 2022 included practical changes ranging from guard kiosks to road configurations, according to a display on campus. However, a new quad by the sophomore residence halls Dunham, Sheffield and Winchester was not expected.
A greenspace was made for residents to hang out and have fun in between classes. While there are other quads, like the ones between Bixler and Gerber Halls or by Maxcy Hall, the administration believed the addition of this new greenspace to be an overall benefit to campus life. Students have seen the new lawn space and many have conflicting thoughts.

Concerns are coming from students because the new quad is located where there were many parking spots last year. Parking is an issue that has plagued the university for a while, and unfortunately for many, the situation could get worse from here. Amaya Andujar, a sophomore criminal justice student, said, “It was a little annoying because there were no spots for us to park in.” While Andujar says the parking spots will be missed, the situation was not too upsetting to hear.

Andujar also said, “I think it’ll be fine other than the parking spots, but it was definitely a change I was not expecting.”

Marcus LeGare, a junior forensic science student major, says the new quad could be a good change. “I guess I’m gonna miss the parking but I do enjoy at least some sort of community around there,” LeGare states. More greenery and open space can allow students to get more fresh air while hanging out with their friends.

The existing quads such as the Bixler/Gerber are used for hosting events, especially at the beginning and end of each semester. This new greenspace can allow for students to have an outdoor hangout space far from the main areas of traffic on campus.

Predictions for the effect this new quad will have on the campus and student life seem positive. The new greenspace can cover the “car traffic” that LeGare and others saw in this area, but it can not cover the parking problems the university has. However, if the university can put time and money into building a new quad, it seems they can do the same concerning new parking spaces.

The new greenspace is a bittersweet addition to the university, but it’s better to enjoy it now and hope the parking problem gets solved in the future. Despite the decrease in campus parking, the new quad is not too bad of an update. This new area could boost morale and community among students.