A First of Many Lasts

Elizabeth Field

Remember in middle school and high school, when the incoming freshmen would arrive on campus and we would all think to ourselves, “They’re so little!! Were we ever this young??” (Well, I’ve never done this because I’ve been the height of an 8 year old since I turned 12. But I’m trying to identify with my peers, here. Leave me alone.)

Seeing all the new and old faces on campus is so refreshing. While I spent the majority of my summer in sunny California, it’s great to be back in the disgusting humidity beginning my senior year at UNH. Whether you are just beginning your college experience or scheduling your last courses to take before graduation, your experiences at UNH are far from over.

We should all consider ourselves extremely lucky to attend an institution that takes such careful measures to engage their students and provide us with so many opportunities to make the most of our education, mental and physical health, free time, and future career possibilities.

If there is anything that you do this year, make an effort to take advantage of these services such as getting your resume looked over at the Career Development Center, enjoy free tutoring at the Center for Learning Resources, take a yoga class put on by ChargerREC at the David A. Beckerman Center, or joining a professional club or organization.

Oh, and has anyone considered writing for The Charger Bulletin? It’s a great way to gain experience in the field of journalism, see your work published by a university press, meet some wonderful people, and we totally have pizza at our meetings.

The Charger Bulletin has been the official newspaper of the University of New Haven since 1938. Your continued support and readership is crucial to the proper functioning and success of our university paper!

Thank you for picking up our first issue and I hope you continue to pick up a copy every Wednesday at the year continues.

If there is anything that you would like to see written about or featured in The Charger Bulletin, please feel free to contact anyone on our staff. This is a newspaper for students, after all.